Jul 282009

I finish, or get finished with, more games than I write long essays about here or elsewhere. Sometimes I’m just not inspired to write a detailed critique, other times I’m just not inspired at all. This being the internet, and me being a blogger, however, I thought I would try to put together a short, snappy format for conveying my thoughts on the games I’m done with.

Title: Flower, Sun and Rain

Final Status: Finished

Put this on your box: This game is some tedious, boring bullshit.

Most Intriguing Idea: By using the guidebook as the key to almost every puzzle, the game includes its own little GameFAQs.

Best Design Decision: This game contains no good design decisions.

Worst Design Decision: The walking. My god, the unending walking.


Flower, Sun and Rain is an adventure-style mystery game in which you walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and solve puzzles using an in-game guidebook and your brain, in the rare cases where your brain is of any help. In typical Suda fashion, it is about a weird secret conspiracy which has cleverly been hidden behind something even more bizarre, namely an island on which a single day seems to repeat. The characters speak in riddles and are generally insufferable asses, and the plot is obscure. The graphics, with the exception of the face portraits, are easily the worst I’ve seen on the DS. The game seems to be rather transparently commenting on how stupid adventure games are (unnecessary), how stupid the main character and this particular game are (uninteresting), and how stupid the player is for putting up with all of it (unwise).

If you can’t say something nice… Fortunately, this game did not end Suda 51’s career or destroy Grasshopper Manufacture.

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  1. So…you didn't like it then?

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