Sep 302011

David Cage thinks American publishers are dumb: This week marks the release of an HD collection including Ico, which had famously botched marketing in America, with a horrible cover and nonexistent ad campaign. Ubisoft’s American campaign for Beyond Good & Evil was also a disaster. Heavy Rain itself had a hideous cover in America, in marked contrast to the stark European box. Now, maybe you don’t agree with Cage about how good Heavy Rain was, but the man has a point. The market is saturated with bland, iterative shooters in part because game publishers in America don’t seem to have any desire or idea how to sell anything else. American publishers never give the impression that they think games are art unless it is legally expedient for them to claim so. When was the last time you saw a game ad that really seemed to be targeted towards a thoughtful adult rather than an excitable teenager?

Beyond Good & Evil 2 may not arrive before next generation: The ongoing tease that is the existence of Beyond Good & Evil 2 continues this week with Michel Ancel telling Games Radar that the storytelling in the game is so ambitious that the current generation of consoles may not be able to support it. I would say that this is a good reason to make it a PC game, but we’re talking about Ubisoft, after all. While it’s disappointing to contemplate even more waiting, if it makes a game that has a dozen worlds with as much personality as Hillys had it will be worth it.

Amazon announces Kindle Fire tablet: Cue the “iPad killer” talk, though that’s probably not going to happen. The Fire is missing some key features that may offset the substantial price difference. However, it can certainly carve a strong niche for itself as an entry-level tablet, and it may push some other Android platforms out the door. I personally don’t feel I have a lot of use for a tablet. Despite that, when I started to consider getting a new Kindle, I already had the thought, “Well, the Fire does more and it isn’t that much more expensive…” Amazon has designed their store to ensure that thought occurs to everyone, and wisely so.

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