Nov 042011

GTA V announced, trailered, speculated about: Doubtless you’ve already seen the trailer for the latest installment of the old ultraviolence. I would like to be excited about a new GTA, and I’m sure their rework of the Los Santos setting will be fantastically detailed. However, the trailer reveals almost nothing of interest except that the core conceit of the plot is one that is tired and (to me) quite boring. Will the next GTA have a world with more interesting places to visit? Will it treat women as something more than decorations? Will it grapple with something more interesting than an aging crooks stereotypical desire to go straight? Probably not, but I can wait.

Child’s Play 2011 has kicked off: It sucks to be in the hospital at any time, but it especially stinks if you’re a kid. Even a small toy can make a big difference, so please consider giving.

Machinarium WiiWare port canceled, fundamental issues to blame: The draconian size limitations forced compromises that Amanita Design were not willing to make. Stories about Nintendo’s terrible decisions with respect to WiiWare, and the awkwardness of its entire online architecture, are significant hindrances to core adoption. An HD console and touchpad controls won’t do anything for Nintendo in the absence of a vital digital distribution platform and simple online multiplayer.

I Read These Posts and You Should Too:

Nick Dinicola argues that Rage’s achievements in animation produce too much empathy for its enemies.

Here’s a handy little flowchart everyone should use.

Michael Barnes has mixed feelings about linearity.

Jorge Albor has some ideas about how games could draw inspiration from the Occupy movement.

On the Playstation Blog, of all places, Tom Lipschultz has an interesting take on how Corpse Party’s low-end graphics make the horror feel more real.

Eric S goes over some of the ways that games play themselves in order to help less-skilled players through or set up desired cinematic moments.

Now Playing:

Batman: Arkham City – Just dipped my toes into this.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter – Easily the weakest of the Professor Layton games. Still good, but not great.

Uncharted 3 – Am I the only person who finds the gunplay in this game totally appalling? I guess not, since even the enemies have such a hard time shooting you that they eventually give up and charge in for a punch.

Burnout Crash – Except for the intersections where you drive in past the traffic, I love this game. The Rush Hour modes are especially great.

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