Dec 022011

Sony makes sane and insane decisions about Vita pricing: Sony seems to have made an unusually sensible decision to adopt flexible pricing for Vita titles, a wise choice since the $60 price point is probably suppressing industry growth on the consoles. Of course, this wisdom is offset by the destructive pricing of the Vita’s proprietary memory cards necessary to download titles. Those prices are simply madness, four times as much as any competent shopper would ever pay for that amount of storage, and will only seem more unattractive as time goes on. Early adopters won’t necessarily be put off, but the cost will depress sales of downloadable games, and eventually the handheld itself.

Xenoblade Chronicles coming to North America after all: Nintendo of America seems to have reversed itself on the decision not to bring over one of the Operation Rainfall games. I’m not such a huge fan of the GameStop exclusivity, but if that’s what it takes to bring the game stateside, then I can swallow it. Hopefully the sales will be decent and encourage NoA to do the right thing with The Last Story as well. At least I’ll have something to do with my Wii next year.

Skyrim patch creates as many problems as it solves: Oh, Bethesda.

I Read These Posts and So Should You:

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Chris Bateman has started a series of posts exploring the main points of his new book, Imaginary Games.

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Now Playing:

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – The single-player isn’t very good, and the Desmond sections are flat-out terrible. The multiplayer has an even goofier progression system than before and the matchmaking is still lousy. Annualization will kill this franchise.

Skyrim – I’m reaching a phase in the game where I have too many open quests. It’s difficult to decide what to do next, and anyway what I really want to do is wander around, which is just going to give me even more quests to do.

Aliens: Infestation – Played a bit of this during my trip and didn’t care much for it. Enemies respawn too aggressively and you fight a queen something like 30 minutes in, with almost no buildup.

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