Apr 032012

SoA picture of me, I’ll be at PAX East this weekend. If you’ll be there too, we could meet! Alas, I only have a dumbphone and its battery has started to die, so I can’t rely too much on mobile hook-ups at the show. I’ll have my netbook on hand and thus some access to twitter, but it may be more reliable to look for me at the sessions I’m planning to attend. Or, you can use this post as a handy guide to avoiding me at PAX. It’s multifunctional!

If you are looking for me, you can use this handy picture of me gazing into the far reaches of human consciousness for reference. I will be wearing a dingy grey fleece and a brightly-colored long-sleeved polo shirt, either orange, blue, or yellow, because Easter.


Friday is kind of a disappointment because I won’t be able to make it to the show until the afternoon. There are so many good sessions that day I’d almost accuse PA of front-loading. I would especially love to make the Criticism panel at 3, but that is the very earliest I could possibly arrive at the show given that I’ll be attending a friend’s thesis defense at 1. More likely I’ll get in around 3:30 or so and quickly join the line for the next panel of interest.

4:30 – Mass Effect, Manticore (certain) – I feel like I pretty much have to attend this.

7:00 – Penny Arcade Report, Arachnid (probable) – Ben has already hinted at some of what he’ll say, and I agree with it.

9:00 – Takedown Tribunal, Cat (probable) – Nels!


For the first part of Saturday I expect to be on the exhibition floor. I try not to have a specific plan for that, though I will definitely be swinging by certain booths (Haunted Temple, for example). I usually don’t go to anything that has a huge line, either. Games with that much interest will certainly be releasing a demo anyway, and the less time I spend on those booths the more I can spend finding more interesting, smaller games on the floor.

2:30 – Noodz or GTFO!, Arachnid (probable) – How can we fix online gaming?

4:30 – X-COM, Manticore (probable) – I’m keen to learn more about how Firaxis plans to bring seriously old-school gameplay to a modern audience.

6:30 – Boston Indie Showcase, Merman (possible) – My interest is diminished by the fact that they’re all mobile games (see above).

7:00 – Fail as a Freelancer, Arachnid (probable) – I expect some people I know will be here.


Depending how I end up getting to the show on Sunday I may arrive right before morning panel and need to bail right after Z-Ward. Also, my feet will probably hurt by this point so I’m unlikely to spend a lot of time in the Exhibition Hall. However, there is a good chance I will have candy. So there’s that.

11:30 – Real RPGs, Merman (possible) – Down with Tolkienism!

12:00 – Reassessing genre, Wyvern (probable) – I’ve written a little about genre, but it’s not an intellectual priority.

1:30 – Kickstarter, Wyvern (possible) – I hear tell the kickstarting is popular with the young folk these days.

2:00 – Parsely Jungle Adventure, Tabletop Workshop (possible) – Depends on earlier schedule and hunger level.

4:00 – Parsely Z-Ward, Tabletop Workshop (certain) – Definitely coming for this one.

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  1. I’m only catching up on post-PAX stuff now, but I find it highly amusing that the justification for our Friday night panel was simply, “Nels!”

    It was great to finally meet in person and I’m glad you got a chance to try Ninja! (You did, right?)

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