Oct 292012

Status: Finished

Most intriguing idea: Playing as the antagonist of a horror film

Best design decision: The telekinesis power.

Worst design decision: The whole finale. All of it.


A game where you play the part of the Devil’s son doing his bidding seems like a can’t-miss prospect, but Lucius wastes its fantastic setup with brittle puzzles, wrong-headed design, and fatally limited imagination. It can be really clever – killing the head maid Agnes, for instance, means using her gluttony against her by putting rat poison in her food, and obtaining the poison uses Lucius’ powers in a subtle and reasonable way. Most of the time, though, Lucius is murdering people who haven’t obviously sinned, in fairly counterproductive ways. Clearly the Devil is playing small ball if he has control of a Senator’s son and is using him to kill maids and mechanics. The stealth mechanic is opaque and includes too many insta-kill stealth segments with fatal loops. More damaging to the game is the truly awful finale, where Lucius hurls fireballs at the world’s most durable priests and its most effective fire extinguisher, without any sort of checkpoint or recognition that collision insta-kills are an incredibly stupid way to end an adventure/puzzle game.

If you can’t say something nice…: When the game works, as in the Agnes chapter, it can be really clever.

Verdict: Avoid

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