Jun 242014

Status: Complete

Most Intriguing Idea: A WWII game with almost no guns!

Best Design Decision: Not giving Cap a gun.

Worst Design Decision:

Collectibles. Collectibles EVERYWHERE.


Captain America: Super Soldier is the sort of game I pick up for cheap because I like to play games while exercising on my elliptical. I did not expect to like it at all, but I really enjoyed it.

When I watched the first Captain America movie, a film I did not love, it seemed to me like perfect fodder for a video game. It had a progression of enemies and overall production design that was reminiscent of games, and the subject matter is one that games have famously mined over and over. So basically I picked this number up to see whether anything interesting had been done with that idea. As it turns out, although Cap uses guns several times in the movie, the game is essentially a straight-up brawler (a few turret sequences aside), mixed with some fixed-point platforming sequences. It’s not perfect, but the rock ’em-sock ’em action does an excellent job capturing the feel of era comics even as the visuals openly ape the movie. The writing was also surprisingly good. This is not Shakespeare, of course, but given the limitations the writers did a creditable job of moving the action along in a way that felt true to the characters.

The brawling itself is a bit limited and one-button in nature, although I didn’t max out the difficulty. It also feels a little slow, like the whole thing is playing out underwater. The animations are nice and fluid but the action felt syrupy. Also, although the brawling worked pretty well against mobs, a heavy reliance on special moves made the boss fights drawn-out, irritating affairs, especially the last round against three Zola-bots. Also, this game suffers badly from collectiblight. Every damn room in the joint has HYDRA files, or film reels, or blueprints, or ceramic eggs, or statues, or other shit to pick up to unlock upgrades and other crap. The sheer amount of stuff I had to grab got in the way of my enjoyment a bit.

Nonetheless I had a great time playing Captain America and would happily sign up for more Cap-vs-HYDRA WWII action.

Verdict: Recommended

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