Jul 232014

Status: Completed single-player campaign

Most Intriguing Idea: This is a game utterly devoid of interesting ideas.

Best Design Decision: the goliath, I guess

Worst Design Decision: sluggishness


Homefront is not a good game. Movement is sluggish and the default aim sensitivity seems to be way too low. The aim-assist seems to fail at times for no apparent reason, which makes it no fun to try to shoot back while the enemies are spamming you with ungodly numbers of grenades aimed with impossible precision. Every gun is absurdly puny except the sniper rifles which are of course instant kills. The change-of-pace helicopter mission, although ostensibly the moment that motivates the protagonist’s whole journey, has sloppy controls and dispenses entirely with the notion of ammunition—I’m not sure a scout helicopter could lift that many rockets, much less manage to fire them. The goliath semi-autonomous vehicle is kind of fun when it shows up but is underutilized.

The not-great shooting is complemented by a setting that’s second-rate even by the standards of racist, red-hating propaganda. The creators don’t even have the guts to choose an enemy that’s a serious geopolitical threat like China, instead adopting the absurd premise that North Korea managed to invade and occupy the United States. Presumably the Chinese government has enough economic clout that it would bother THQ (now defunct anyway) if they took offense. Anyway, the narrative made me long for the subtle poetry of Red Dawn, which at least had characters in it.


Verdict: Avoid

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