Jul 142014

Status: Complete up to final boss.

Most Intriguing Idea: A brawler where you almost can’t die!

Best Design Decision: Making a Wolverine game a character-action brawler

Worst Design Decision: Unimaginative, repetitive bosses


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a bad game. I guess I should have expected that, but I was feeling lucky after Captain America turned out to be pretty good. Like most people who say “I’m feeling lucky,” I busted hard.

Not every aspect of the game is terrible or irredeemable. Wolverine is an excellent character for a God of War-style brawler, though Origins: Wolverine is short on interesting combos and special attacks. Against standard mobs and even a few of the elite enemies the combat has a decent mix of fun and challenge, though Wolverine’s regeneration is overpowering. The levels are waaaay too long, however, shot through with truly awful platforming junk and setpieces ruined by shitty camera angles, confusing slow-mo, and unintelligible visuals. And then there are the bosses, at least half of which are vulnerable only to the strategy of dodging behind them and jumping on their backs. This must be done over and over again because a slash from Wolverine’s claws feels like the brush of a feather, dusting off the thinnest possible sliver of the boss’ lifebar at each stroke. Then of course there is the final boss, who has insta-kill attacks, which is where I quit.

I guess the story might have pulled me along but it is actually just a goddamn mess of flashbacks within, apparently, other flashbacks. Whatever interesting things might have been happening were obscured by the game’s lousy audio mix and lack of subtitles. Origins: Wolverine is notorious in its lack of respect for the source material (fucking Deadpool) and the game doubles down on that, pretending that Remy is a tank in one of those slivery boss battles and having Wolverine flub his signature line.

This game is bad on almost every level and you should not play it.

Verdict: Avoid

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