Jul 232014

Status: Completed single-player campaign Most Intriguing Idea: This is a game utterly devoid of interesting ideas. Best Design Decision: the goliath, I guess Worst Design Decision: sluggishness Summary: Homefront is not a good game. Movement is sluggish and the default aim sensitivity seems to be way too low. The aim-assist seems to fail at times for no apparent reason, which makes it no fun to try to shoot back while the enemies are spamming you with ungodly numbers of grenades aimed with impossible precision. Every gun is absurdly puny except the sniper rifles which are of course instant kills. The change-of-pace helicopter [Read more...]

Jul 142014

Status: Complete up to final boss. Most Intriguing Idea: A brawler where you almost can’t die! Best Design Decision: Making a Wolverine game a character-action brawler Worst Design Decision: Unimaginative, repetitive bosses Summary: X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a bad game. I guess I should have expected that, but I was feeling lucky after Captain America turned out to be pretty good. Like most people who say “I’m feeling lucky,” I busted hard. Not every aspect of the game is terrible or irredeemable. Wolverine is an excellent character for a God of War-style brawler, though Origins: Wolverine is short on interesting combos and [Read more...]

Jul 062014

Status: One jaunt() through story completed Most Intriguing Idea: Making the player lose abilities rather than die outright Best Design Decision: Total freedom in arranging and boosting abilities Worst Design Decision: Red’s essential helplessness while turn() recharges Summary: Transistor follows the pattern of Supergiant Games’ previous release Bastion in that it’s essentially narrated by Logan Cunningham and viewed from an isometric perspective, but it shies away from the real-time nature of its predecessor to mix continuous and turn-based action in a way I didn’t much enjoy. The protagonist, Red, can attack in real time but is much more effective when she uses [Read more...]

Jul 062014

Status: Campaign complete Most Intriguing Idea: Shooter protagonists are horrible, and that’s funny Best Design Decision: The whole skillshot system Worst Design Decision: The robot rampage setpiece. Summary: Bulletstorm, believe it or not, is an almost perfect companion piece to Far Cry 2. Both games are based on the idea that the protagonist of a first-person shooter is a horrible person by definition. Where Far Cry 2 spins this idea out into a personal and national tragedy, however, Bulletstorm uses it as the basis for a comedy. This informs the main character Grayson Hunt, who is a drunken, foul-mouthed boor. It’s [Read more...]