Baten Kaitos Letters 2

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Jun 172015
Baten Kaitos Letters 2

Hi Sparky! This week’s adventures take us to Diadem and Anuenue in search of two of the End Magnus. These areas are largely set-up: we acquire three more party members and solidify the main conflict here, while the major systems in the game start to flesh themselves out as Magnus become more available. We start in Diadem, land of the clouds: Kalas and Xelha land in the quiet fishing village of Nashira, and are introduced almost immediately to Gibari. The fisherman Gibari sets himself apart immediately from the remainder of Nashira with his realism and willingness to help strangers. It’s [Read more…]

Jun 102015
Baten Kaitos Letters 1

I’m pleased to present the start of another letters series! This time I’ll be discussing the lovely and strange GameCube RPG Baten Kaitos with Rebekah Valentine of GameSided. I think we introduce the game and its context pretty well in this first bit of correspondence, so without further ado: Hi Rebekah, I’m glad you agreed to play Baten Kaitos with me. It’s been too long since I’ve revisited this game, which has a lot of weird and interesting aspects that I think reward a close look. A little context may be in order. The Gamecube was the contemporary of the [Read more…]

AP Letters 5 – Grand Finale

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Jul 212013
AP Letters 5 - Grand Finale

Hey Brad, So, at last, we come to the end of Alpha Protocol, and it is terrible. It doesn’t seem that bad at first. The level begins with a number of “conversation” missions, and even at this late point the conversations keep Mike’s relationships growing. My Mike kept things professional with Mina and Scarlet, knowing he was a target. Then he walked into the airport and gave himself up to Darcy. This leads into the conversation with Leland we’ve been having interspersed between missions the whole game. Leland offers Mike a job, apparently unaware that Mike’s whole purpose in visiting [Read more…]

Alpha Protocol letters 4 – plot thickeners

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Jul 152013
Alpha Protocol letters 4 - plot thickeners

Hey Brad, It’s a little strange that our Taipei experiences were so similar. I think you’re right that part of it has to do with making similar tactical choices overall. My Mike is aggressive and a bit murder-y, but I still play him with an awareness that he needs allies. That at least accounts for our similarity when it comes to G22. As for Hong Shi, I spent that conversation looking for a way to murder him and somehow ended up besties. He gave me a sword! In Rome, however, our paths diverge. Let me just say that the people [Read more…]