Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

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Jul 182016

Status: Completed, true ending Most Intriguing Idea: All the world’s a stage Best Design Decision: Sessions Worst Design Decision: Sessions Summary: The first read on the concept for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE sounds simultaneously intriguing and absurd. The notoriously difficult Shin Megami Tensei approach to turn-based RPGs will combine with Fire Emblem, a classically tough strategy game with permadeath that has also recently become the newest iteration of making dolls kiss, as a turn-based RPG about #teens becoming pop idols in the Tokyo showbiz scene. One suspects that the whole thing was created on a napkin during the consumption of [Read more…]


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Jul 112016

Status: Completed, including secret ending Most Intriguing Idea: Controlling characters is creepy Best Design Decision: The workers throwing the boy. Worst Design Decision: A main character without any clear desires or internality. Summary: Inside is, I think, a lesser work than Playdead’s first game Limbo. Both games feature a child protagonist with limited powers who has to traverse a hostile world rendered as a two-dimensional space, and both do a very good job of cultivating a particular atmosphere. Limbo creates a world of constant, unexpected threat. Inside, for the most part, makes its dangers more obvious, instead developing a sense [Read more…]

Jun 302016

Status: Platinum trophy Most Intriguing Idea: You are what you eat Best Design Decision: Maury’s touring restaurant Worst Design Decision: New game+ mode Summary: I loved many things about the original Odin Sphere, and also disliked a few things about it. The remake, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, largely preserves the things I liked and gets rid of the things I didn’t (primarily framerate crashes and absurdly long loads), and on that basis I can certainly recommend it. This is one of the greatest 2D JRPGs ever made, its story is strong, and its art and music are incredible. Everything about it [Read more…]

Jun 072016

Status: Completed. Unlike Billy Joel, I lit the fire. Most Intriguing Idea: Armor doesn’t really work anymore. Best Design Decision: Really, just the main idea of the way souls still work Worst Design Decision: Armor doesn’t really work anymore. Summary: As I mentioned in the previous post, Bloodborne fosters an aggressive, hit-and-run combat style by a push-pull approach. The push is that there’s no real way to block attacks and almost any enemy can stunlock the player. The pull is that the player has considerable capacity to interrupt enemy attacks, can dodge at low stamina cost, and can regain lost [Read more…]