Jul 062010

In my review panning Alpha Protocol, one of the many issues I singled out for complaint was the disconnect between the reticule and the actual position hit by my bullets. I’ve received a few comments through various channels that reflect a belief that I simply didn’t understand how an RPG works. I think it’s pretty obvious that I do; most of these comments display a fundamental misunderstanding of my complaint. The point here is not that when my character shoots there is a complicated set of calculations that decides whether or not I actually hit where I was aiming. Rather, [Read more…]

Sep 102009

I wonder if science fiction is really so easy to misunderstand. If sci-fi is just men in tight outfits scrambling across fake plaster rocks until the one in a red shirt gets killed, then of course the whole enterprise is ludicrous. But that’s never been the draw. It’s not “new stars, new gas giants” that the Enterprise seeks, but “new life, new civilizations”. Kids might tune in for the guy in a plastic lizard suit, but adults stayed for the idea of a man without emotions. Could you really live like that? What would it be like? These are the [Read more…]