Oct 102009

Final Status: Game completed on Normal difficulty, some levels replayed on Hard.

Put This on Your Box: It’s like Civil War medicine… in space!

Most Intriguing Idea: Converting a third-person precision-shooting horror experience into a first-person precision-based rail shooter.

Best Design Decision: Working the kinesis and stasis tools into the railshooter experience.

Worst Design Decision: Long, pattern-based boss monster battles that devolved into tedious chores.


Dead Space: Extraction is a prequel to Dead Space, which I found to be more interesting than Silent Hill: Homecoming, but hit some low points that eventually drove me off. Extraction introduces this story through the experiences of six (mostly temporary) survivors of the disaster on Aegis VII and the Ishimura. Combat, as in the original, depends on the player’s ability to strategically shoot off the enemies’ appendages; body shots are usually ineffective. The developers attempted to bring this precision-shooting idea to the boss fights, but unfortunately that created some excessively-patterned battles that went on far too long. Those fights, and some irritatingly long mob fights aside, the gameplay was solid and the atmosphere was good. Extraction unfortunately suffers from really abysmal performance. I saw slowdown and glitches on several occasions, and the game crashed on me five times. Two of those were hard crashes that forced me to turn off the console. It’s a damn shame that the game was so unstable because…

If you can’t say something nice… Dead Space: Extraction really does develop some very good tense and creepy sequences. For the most part it’s a solid game and a good addition (or introduction) to the Dead Space franchise.

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  1. This is an awesome format for writing about games that don't quite hold up to the scrutiny of the longer "critical essay" format.

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