Sep 162011

Somebody pirated Serious Sam: Double D (twice!): Pirating games from Ultramegacorp is skeezy enough, but at least Ultramegacorp probably won’t go under if they lose a few sales of Shootergunface X-4: The Shooterist. Pirating games from indie developers, however, makes you a piece of shit who needs to get out of my hobby because you’re ruining it for everyone. Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games is a cool guy who makes awesome games you can buy from XBox Live for as little as $1, so he deserves better than this. If you’ve already pirated Double D, head over to the MBG blog, shell out the $8 you owe them via Paypal, and never do this again, asshole.

PS Vita memory stick pricing is gougetastic: Apparently no memory stick will come with the Vita, which means that you need to immediately shell out $32 for a memory stick for your handheld. The card-based primary distribution system means that you won’t need a memory stick for saving games, fortunately, but if you buy games digitally you might only be able to fit 10 or so into the largest available memory stick (32 GB at $123). That makes each downloaded game effectively $12 more expensive. For some perspective, I can go to Newegg right now and buy two 1TB hard drives for less than $123. This sort of gouging is nothing new to anyone who has ever bought an XBox hard drive. At a time when many people are questioning whether the handheld market is even viable in light of smartphone and tablet competition, though, the decision to make proprietary memory sticks absurdly expensive is perverse and self-defeating. In other Sony news, the new PSN terms of service forbid you from joining a class-action suit unless you opt out via snail mail.

Final Fantasy X HD remake coming to Playstation, still no word on VII: I can’t complain, really. Final Fantasy X is definitely an easier project for upres, but that’s partly because it doesn’t really need the update so much. The game looks fine as is, the only problem being that Playstations aren’t backwards-compatible anymore. An HD remake of FFVII would basically require all the art assets to be rebuilt from scratch (possibly excepting areas that were covered in Dirge of Cerberus), but it would really benefit from the effort because those graphics seriously show their age these days. I like Final Fantasy X and think it’s one of the finest games of the aughts, and I’m glad it’s going to get a new audience. Still, the apparent willingness to update a less-beloved game and the continuous efforts to milk the legacy of VII make the absence of an HD version of it ever more curious.

Now Playing:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – It’s great, you should play it.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine – Review forthcoming, but overall I was disappointed. Games Workshop fanatics will love it, but the gameplay falters, the levels are blah, and the multiplayer is distinctly underwhelming.

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