Aug 052014

Status: Completed

Most Intriguing Idea: Let’s do for Christianity what God of War did for Greek Mythology!

Best Design Decision: Restrained use of QTEs

Worst Design Decision: Cluttered character progression


Dante’s Inferno is dumb as a stone and theologically unsound, but it’s a solid character action game of the fixed-viewpoint variety. It’s also kind of charming in its earnest attempt to out-Kratos God of War. As you play it, you can easily imagine the all-hands meetings where the developers discussed whether each level had enough tits. Despite the juvenilia the visual design is nifty, though it doesn’t do justice to things like the pit of flatterers. It’s a touch too long, however, and the character progression is a bit cluttered, what with the  multitude of relics and the two upgrade trees. Those latter suffer from the game’s lack of a compelling theory to follow for either of the upgrade options. Worse, sticking to any one tree will make the game way too repetitive, which is more of a problem because it goes on a touch too long anyway. It’s unlikely to impress anyone who’s into Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, but it’s worth checking out for anyone who likes God of War and games full of boobs.

Verdict: Cautiously Recommended

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