Jan 282016

Status: Gold in every Grand Prix through 150cc Most Intriguing Idea: This far in, there’s not much intrigue left. Best Design Decision: Changes to the blue shell Worst Design Decision: Character select screen Summary: Mario Kart 8 isn’t a game I would be likely to buy, but it came with my WiiU so I played it anyway. And look, at this point Mario Kart is pretty much a known quantity. It’s a kart racer that’s built on two main principles: A) People who are good at Mario Kart will do well. B) People who are not good at Mario Kart [Read more…]

Syndicate, and the Future of the Creed

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Jan 042016

A rumor is now circulating that Ubisoft will, after holding to an annual release schedule for several years now, not release a new flagship Assassin’s Creed game in 2016, giving its next game extra time to possibly rebuild the series from the ground up. If true, I can only commend the decision. The series has been coping with exhaustion for some time, as its most recent entry makes clear. Still, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is… not bad. Which, coming after the flaming fiasco of Unity, is a welcome turn for the better. Unfortunately, despite being fun most of the time, Syndicate [Read more…]

Tales of Zestiria

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Nov 092015

Status: Completed Most Intriguing Idea: A Tales game where the hero isn’t a moron! Best Design Decision: Sorey’s palette of elemental attacks. Worst Design Decision: The water temple, which is just awful, continuing a proud tradition. Summary: Look. Zestiria is still a Tales game, all right? Its themes are not exactly deep, its villain has stolen his motivation and possibly his jacket from Final Fantasy X’s Seymour, and the game can barely keep its lore straight. Zestiria’s main break comes in the tactical qualities of combat. In almost every Tales game to date, it has been possible to win by [Read more…]

Mushroom 11

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Nov 092015

Status: I got to this part in chapter 7 with a wheel and I just wasn’t interested in continuing. Most Intriguing Idea: A totally new kind of puzzle-platformer. Best Design Decision: The novel motion of the slime mold. Worst Design Decision: The incredible slog of chapter 7. Summary: I loved Mushroom 11. Then I liked it. Then I tolerated it. Then I hated it, and that’s pretty much where I stopped. I loved it at the start because it has a fresh and original gameplay idea. Instead of controlling a little dude, as you generally do in platformers, you have [Read more…]