Sep 042012

9/7 – Mark of the Ninja 9/11 – NHL 13 9/18 – Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, Borderlands 2, F1 2012 9/19 – Jet Set Radio HD 9/20 – Torchlight II 9/25 – Angry Birds Trilogy, Dead or Alive 5, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, FIFA Soccer 13, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria 10/2 – Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, NBA 2K13, Resident Evil 6, War of the Roses 10/7 – Pokemon Black & White Version 2 10/9 – Dishonored, Spy Hunter, XCOM: Enemy Unknown 10/16 – Doom 3 BFG, James [Read more…]

Apr 112012

I spent more time than I had anticipated down on the show floor at PAX, although the only thing I visited that had much of a line was XCOM, which was a theater demo and ended up in the “Panels” post. I might have gone for Assassin’s Creed, but they had a woman shouting nonsense through a megaphone and the prospect of listening to her for 30-plus minutes was more than I could bear. Also, the simple truth is that if you spend your time at PAX waiting around in line for a demo you’ll play on XBOX Live in [Read more…]

PAX East 2012 – Panels

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Apr 112012

So, PAX East has come and gone. I got to meet up with a lot of great folks, like my GameCritics compatriots Chi and Richard, Nels, Matthew, and the phenomenal Mattie, and to reconnect with folks I already knew like Chris, Serah, Eric, Dan, and (all too briefly) Alex and Grant. Also all the people I left out. Unfortunately the wifi at BCEC doesn’t work as well when there are a bajillion gamers rocking the joint as it did back when the biophysicists visited, so I was functionally cut off from Twitter. If, as a result, I wasn’t able to [Read more…]

Apr 032012
Find/Avoid me at PAX East!

So, I’ll be at PAX East this weekend. If you’ll be there too, we could meet! Alas, I only have a dumbphone and its battery has started to die, so I can’t rely too much on mobile hook-ups at the show. I’ll have my netbook on hand and thus some access to twitter, but it may be more reliable to look for me at the sessions I’m planning to attend. Or, you can use this post as a handy guide to avoiding me at PAX. It’s multifunctional! If you are looking for me, you can use this handy picture of [Read more…]

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