Extending the Mass Effect universe

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Mar 052012

Tomorrow, with the release of Mass Effect 3, the epic sci-fi trilogy will conclude as Shepard finally confronts the evil Reapers who are out to destroy all life in the galaxy for reasons that are still unknown. Although I don’t know whether there has been any TV presence, EA has mounted a decent push behind the game, with some mobile tie-ins that are mediated to the main game’s fiction by the Galactic Readiness mechanic. This is also integrated with the game’s packed-in co-op third-person shooter. Tying that kind of functionality to an RPG suggests that EA wants to expand the [Read more…]

Feb 132012

Game Actual alcohol-related content ESRB rating ESRB content warning NeverDead The main character repeatedly drinks hard liquor at a bar, on one occasion grabbing a bottle to take with him. In an optional sequence that can be repeated, he grabs beer from another character’s fridge. M Hey man, it don’t matter to Jesus. Uncharted 3 The game opens with a scene set in a bar. Beer bottles actually get used as weapons. One scene involves the characters drinking in an apartment to toast their success. In another scene, a boy tries to take a drink of an adult’s beer. T [Read more…]