Jan 012010

It’s the end of a decade, which means a vast array of retrospectives for video games and movies and whatever the hell else. Assembling a “best of” list for games is a tricky and probably futile task, especially for a one-man show like this site. Games take too long to play, are too diverse in their experiences, and are spread across too many expensive platforms for one man to sample everything that might be a classic, or even everything that other people think is classic. Besides that issue, many games that are awesome experiences at the time trickle out of [Read more…]

Dec 222008

Since I’ve revealed my game of the year as part of Michael Abbott’s 3-Part Holiday Brainy Gamer Podcast Special (I’m in part 2, but listen to them all), I’ll go ahead and cap off my view of the year in games. Go over there and listen to all three volumes, then come back for more of my views (or visit some of those other wonderful blogs). Hopefully this will tide you over while I’m out of town and away from high-throughput intertubes. Please keep in mind while reading this that the number of great games I didn’t play this year [Read more…]