On Purchasing Games from China

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Oct 162019

Those who were hoping that E-sports would turn into something similar to the major professional sports teams probably weren’t expecting it would happen like this. Last week, game developer Activision-Blizzard banned Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai for making a statement in a Hearthstone stream in favor of pro-Democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Coincidentally, a relatively lukewarm attestation of support for the Hong Kong protesters by an NBA executive tweeting from his personal account has sent the association (and some of its stars) into a tailspin of double-speak as it tries to both profess the values of its existing United States fans [Read more…]

Welcome to Ludonarratology!

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Sep 062011

Hello and welcome to Ludonarratology, where I will be keeping the vast majority of my videogame-related writing from now on. All of the posts and most of the comments from Discount Thoughts have been moved here. My blogroll was somewhat more difficult to move, so if you think you were accidentally excluded, please tell me. By the same token, please update your own links and RSS feeds to point to this address. If you want to read my personal ramblings or science writing, don’t despair! Those have moved to the new Discount Thoughts and Conformational Flux, respectively. Also, if you [Read more…]