Sep 042008

The big news this week belongs to the XBox 360, of course. As the internets knew, like, three weeks ago, all XBox models have a price drop coming on Friday, with the Arcade hardware (note: do not buy the Arcade hardware) dropping to $199, less than the Wii. The standard hardware will come in at $299, a price that is sure to help with sales for the upcoming holiday season. But, maybe you don’t have $300 for a next-gen console, or even $60 for a next-gen game. Maybe all you’ve got is $20 burning a hole in your pocket and [Read more…]

Jul 182008

For those of you who have missed it, Greg Tannahill has a fun series of posts about great gaming music up at his blog, The Dust Forms Words. While I don’t agree with all his selections (I prefer “Hikari” to “Sanctuary”, for instance), and I think he ommitted some really good ones (more on that below), it’s a great series of posts. Greg, who will soon be standing for election in Canberra, brings back happy memories of some really good games with great music, but he also dug up some very interesting renditions, such as the one below the fold. [Read more…]

Creative focus in game and technology development

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Apr 152008

Tynan Sylvester has a really incisive opinion piece up at Gamasutra illustrating a fundamental disjunction between what developers look at in a game and what players look at. The gist of his piece is that developers often focus on “scaffolding”: the mechanics and code that underlay the game world. Meanwhile, the players consider mainly the “masonry”, that is, the experience of the game world itself. The not-so-subtle point here is that many of the minds behind games have put their creative focus on the wrong thing. The developers of Crysis and like games, as well as the graphical powerhouse consoles, [Read more…]

Mar 022008

That last post was actually extremely difficult to write. I had the ideas for it quite a long time ago, and I think I did a pretty good job of explaining how the various aspects of the presentation and gameplay produced a gestalt related to the Prince’s maturation process. But when I wrote a draft of that post yesterday morning, it sucked. It may have been the worst thing I ever wrote. For one thing, it had a completely awful structure. Also, it was about three times as long as what I eventually published. I ended up excising a lot [Read more…]