Oct 282008

A writer takes a significant risk when he adds a plot twist to a story. In the best-case scenario, the secret that changes everything gives the audience a feeling of revelation. Everything clicks into place and suddenly makes sense. Laying the groundwork for that feeling is a tricky business, though. It’s very easy to sell the setup too hard, making what’s coming too obvious. In this case the twist merely bores the audience, which is not the worst thing that can happen. If the writer works too hard in the other direction, and does not give enough basis for the [Read more…]

Oct 182007

James Sunderland arrives at the deserted town of Silent Hill. He has received a letter from his wife, Mary, though she has been dead for three years, stating that she will meet him there. As he searches for her, he finds others like himself—others who have been called to the town, even though there should not be, can not be, anything there for them. He is tempted by a woman named Maria who looks and sounds like his wife, but in personality is everything she is not. He is pursued by a monstrous, invincible symbol of sexual violence, which repeatedly [Read more…]