Alpha Protocol letters 1 – Wrong Foot Forward

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Jun 252013
Alpha Protocol letters 1 - Wrong Foot Forward

From the time of its release, Alpha Protocol has been a wildly divisive game, which makes sense given the gap between its ambitions and its execution. I hated it, while my GameCritics colleague Brad Gallaway was more positive. Alpha Protocol’s design rewards multiple playthroughs, though, so I decided to revisit it and bring Brad along for the ride, recording our observations for posterity. Hey Brad, Glad you decided to join me for a playthrough of Alpha Protocol – the game where your weapon is choice, so long as that choice doesn’t involve your gender, race, sexual orientation, or actual weapons. That [Read more…]

Jul 062010

In my review panning Alpha Protocol, one of the many issues I singled out for complaint was the disconnect between the reticule and the actual position hit by my bullets. I’ve received a few comments through various channels that reflect a belief that I simply didn’t understand how an RPG works. I think it’s pretty obvious that I do; most of these comments display a fundamental misunderstanding of my complaint. The point here is not that when my character shoots there is a complicated set of calculations that decides whether or not I actually hit where I was aiming. Rather, [Read more…]