Sep 152015
Boston FIG 2015

As has become my habit, I visited the Boston Festival of Indie Games at MIT last weekend, an experience I highly recommend to anyone. It’s cheap, you get to see some interesting games, and both the content and the venue are a better fit for kids than PAX can sometimes be. As it happens, I was joined for a few hours this time by my friend Eric and his young son Linus, who loves games of both the video and physical variety but doesn’t get to play too much of the former because his family has no TV and puts [Read more…]

Things I saw at the FIG

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Sep 162013

This past weekend I took a quick swing up to MIT to check out the Boston Festival of Indie Games, which was a neat little show I really enjoyed visiting. Of course, as an indie show it had its fair share of games that needed tons of work or were just hopeless, but I got my hands on several really neat games, too. The boardgame area was a little cramped, and I didn’t have time to get my hands on much over there. I did, however, get to play a round of Castles of Caragaba, a tile-based building game for [Read more…]