Feb 032017

Status: Campaign complete Most Intriguing Idea: Evil people are right Best Design Decision: Lock-on follow in the dogfighting segments Worst Design Decision: Stealth missions Summary: Infinite Warfare is a dark, nihilistic game in which a hungry Earth that aims to exert authority over every world in the system and extract all their resources is “good” and the evil militaristic colonies are actually right about warfare. Nothing that happens in the game stands up to much scrutiny, least of all the story of its protagonist. Nick Reyes is somehow absurdly proficient at flying space jets and carrying out secret missions on [Read more…]

Call of Duty: World at War

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Jun 172014

Status: Single-player campaign complete Most Intriguing Idea: Hey guys, there were WWII theaters other than Europe! Guys? Best Design Decision: Wonderful level intros. Worst Design Decision: Before-and-after conflict structure. Summary: World at War was viewed as something of a disappointment after the red-hot excitement of the first Modern Warfare installment, but since I played it right after the execrable Medal of Honor: Warfighter it seems like a blissful revelation. The games share the characteristic of a chopped-up narrative, but World at War‘s linear timeline makes the game much easier to follow. Additionally, it has some really stylish level-intro videos blending stark graphics [Read more…]