Fables gone generic

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Aug 062014

After the tremendous success of The Walking Dead,  I suppose another comic book adaptation was in the cards for Telltale Games. These are a good match for their graphical style, and mature graphic novels have a deep bench of quality storytelling that the vast majority of the population hasn’t been exposed to. I might not have chosen Fables out of a hat, but in a way it seems like Telltale did. The Wolf Among Us uses the same approach as The Walking Dead, but the gameplay never feels like a good fit for the story. As a result, the game just isn’t compelling, [Read more…]

Heavy Rain

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Jul 022012

Status: Complete to “Four Heroes” ending. Most Intriguing Idea: Making a playable thriller. Best Design Decision: Using QTEs to make almost every action of a mystery playable. Worst Design Decision: Too many main characters. Summary: Where most games trying to be films have trended towards pure action or criminal drama, Heavy Rain aims to be a playable thriller, with mixed success.  A significant part of the problem is that this is not a very good thriller. Serious plot holes appear, which is hardly a surprise, and many supporting characters are simply broad caricatures, but the real problem is that the [Read more…]

Cage Kane Payne

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Jul 022012

In a short period of time I have played three games that may not seem to be similar or related. The co-op shooter Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the straight up cover shooter Max Payne 3, and the thriller Heavy Rain share a third-person perspective, though, one that reflects their central cinematic aspirations. Although their critical reputations vary, each of these games is an interesting failure in the project of creating a playable movie. Their problems illustrate that the project of making a playable game conflicts with the plan to create a visually interesting film. In my previous critique [Read more…]