Jun 302016

Status: Platinum trophy Most Intriguing Idea: You are what you eat Best Design Decision: Maury’s touring restaurant Worst Design Decision: New game+ mode Summary: I loved many things about the original Odin Sphere, and also disliked a few things about it. The remake, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, largely preserves the things I liked and gets rid of the things I didn’t (primarily framerate crashes and absurdly long loads), and on that basis I can certainly recommend it. This is one of the greatest 2D JRPGs ever made, its story is strong, and its art and music are incredible. Everything about it [Read more…]

Apr 032008

So I came to a compromise on the review issue. I’m not going to do much discussion of the aspects of a video game that don’t relate directly to the theme or the atmosphere, which are the subjects I want to focus on in the critiques. At the same time, there are going to be some instances, like this one, where a game really deserves some additional criticism or discussion for some of the design aspects. In some cases this will be because of exceptionally good choices that were made in the design process, but in others it will be [Read more…]

Apr 032008
The ring of death and life

The beginning of Odin Sphere seems to have little to do with the operatic introductory sequence or the characters shown in it. A young girl, exploring with her cat, finds a library of old books in a musty attic. She begins to read, and as the storybooks come (gloriously) to life, she finds herself lost in an earlier world, one that is tied to her own by a cycle of death and birth. One need look no further than the title to recognize that Odin Sphere is aiming to evoke the feeling of Nordic sagas and the Ring of the [Read more…]