Get by with a little help from your friends

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Mar 102009

Fog blankets the sleepy little town of Inaba, hiding a secret and a killer. On rainy midnights, the televisions in the village show strange images of citizens who have recently disappeared. Days later, when the fog lifts, these people turn up dead. Only a small group of teenagers know the truth: inside the televisions lies a perilous world where the hidden aspects of a person’s soul become murderously real. Someone is kidnapping the town’s citizens and forcing them into that world, and only the main character of Persona 4 can save the victims and nab the killer. By himself, this [Read more…]

Persona 3

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Sep 282007

The MegaTen games have always taken a sort of gleefully perverse approach to the RPG format. Some have been centrally based on the idea of cannibalism, and others represent a sort of bizzaro Pokemon where the cute, cuddly creatures are replaced by soul-swallowing demons. By comparison, the most provocative feature of the latest entry in the Persona series practically seems tame. The controversy over “evokers” aside, Persona 3 is a very good game. The conceit of the game is that manifestations of human emotion, called shadows, appear during a “Dark Hour” that occurs at midnight. During this time most people [Read more…]