Jan 062009

The major controversy about Prince of Persia, even more divisive than its ending, has concerned the game’s difficulty, or supposed lack thereof. Because the main character essentially cannot “die”, and because the platforming is fairly easy to figure out, some hardcore fans of the preceding trilogy have reacted harshly against the new game. Defenders have responded that the game really isn’t so easy, and also that it was intended to appeal to a broader, more casual audience. These things are true, but in a way I think these counterclaims don’t go far enough. Prince of Persia is a very different [Read more…]

Dec 172008

I should have turned it off. It’s not like I haven’t done it before. I turned Silent Hill: Homecoming off at a point where I thought it should end, though I eventually gave in to the developers’ vision. It would hardly have been a sin to treat Prince of Persia the same way. To be honest, though, the moment sneaked up on me. By the time my suspicion that things had gone horribly wrong turned into certainty, I had already gone so far into the game’s conclusion that there was nothing left but to let it reach its full, insulting [Read more…]

Dec 162008
Second verse, same as the first

Although Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time has been widely praised as one of the best games in the last decade, many players and critics justly excoriated the game for its combat segments. The swordfighting in that game took up a great deal of time, felt very repetitive, and also was essentially divorced from the platforming activity that took up most of the game and gave it much of its appeal. For the reboot of the franchise beginning with the recently released Prince of Persia, the developers promised a very different take on combat. This they delivered, but the [Read more…]

Jun 102008
Farah and the Prince

Corvus Elrod‘s proposed Round Table subject for June is instances of the role of relationships in games. This follows on previous posts of his in which he argued that great relationships, rather than great characters, define a good game. I don’t quite agree, because I think the truly great successes occur when great characters and great relationships appear together. That, for me, was something that happened with the Prince and Farah in two Prince of Persia games. Now, I’ve written about the modern Prince of Persia trilogy before, focusing my treatment on the Prince’s transformation and the ways in which [Read more…]